Cub Scout

Pack 163

Succasunna, New Jersey


Camping Supplies

Here is a list of camping supplies for Pack 163. For more information, visit In the column on the right, click on The Camping Checklist. 


Things to bring

  • Each Adult & Child must have a Class 1 BSA medical form ( - in main menu-just for leaders-forms library-medical forms-Class 1 form) – Saturday arrivers bring separately.
  • A tent (you may want to “seam seal” before you go) – extra stakes & rope
  • Sleeping clothes that you do not eat, wash, brush teeth or anything else in
  • A plastic tarp/sheet to put under the tent to help keep you dry.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries – make sure you have at least one bright, strong light with you
  • Whistle for each person (these are for signaling distress only – will be confiscated for misuse/abuse of privilege – or other privileges will be suspended)
  • Plenty of blankets to sleep on – yes to sleep on, most of the cold you feel when sleeping out comes from the ground below you. (or a good sleeping pad)
  • A sleeping bag & a blanket to go over the sleeping bag - if your sleeping bag is lightweight
  • Plenty of changes of clothing & shoes – sometimes it does rain on campouts. Not having dry clothes is a bummer. – you will be walking a lot so have comfortable, hiking shoes
  • Sweater, jacket, sweatshirt, hat & cap; extra socks – wear doubled to prevent blisters
  • Rain Gear & extra pair of sneakers or boots
  • Soap, towels, toothbrush & toothpaste – yes you have to wash and brush your teeth on a campout. Extra toilet paper
  • Personal first aid kit-small size – band-aids, antibiotic ointment, etc.
  • Camp Chairs -- Footballs, or other things to “safely” toss/play around during free time
  • Plastic bag for soiled clothes
  • Insect Repellant – non aerosol & SUNSCREEN – there are ticks and mosquitoes present
  • Toilet paper, there are no flush toilets, only latrines & portable toilets
  • Fishing pole & tackle – there may be some time to fish on Saturday during our free time – NJ State fishing regulations are enforced. Age 16 & up requires state license
  • Bring your Cub Scout Whittling Chip Card – or an index card for this use
  • Money for trading post
  • Optional – watch, camera, film, batteries, notebook, pencil, canteen, cards & similar games, reading material.
  • LEAVE AT HOME – Gameboys, electronic games, CD players, etc., do without for 1 weekend.

Things you cannot bring


  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs or smoking – this is a smoke free zone
  • No axes, chainsaws, power saws, no firearms, no sheath knives, etc.
  • No fireworks – No liquid fire starters
  • No liquid fuel (stoves or lanterns) – Coleman type is ok
  • No knife bigger than a pocket knife – must review knife safety in your scout handbook - if you don’t have the scout whittling chip must be under constant parental supervision
  • No candles or other flames of any type in tents
  • Cologne or perfume – mosquitoes, insects and other critters love this stuff


Medical Forms for Family Camp-o-ree

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Pack 163 Campfire Rules

Things To Pack



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