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Popcorn Sales


The Trail's End popcorn sale is the primary means by which our pack raises money for various pack activities throughout the year.  The annual Blue & Gold banquet, Pinewood Derby, year-end picnic, and various Good Turn projects are all fully or partially funded through money raised from the popcorn sale.  Additionally, the sale provides the individual scouts the opportunity to pay their own way for summer camp.  It is a great means by which to let your scout experience the feeling of accomplishment for receiving pay for work well done.


There are four types of selling methods:  store front sales, website, take order and show & deliver.

Store Front Sales: A sales table is set up and staffed by Cubs Scouts at a scheduled location The product is on hand for the customers to take home.  Cub Scouts who staff the sale divide the sales between them for credit to their individual sales totals.  Pack 163 is running several store front sales this year to help the boys meet their sales goals.

Here are the dates and locations of our sales booths:

Saturday, August 20th Shop Rite Succasunna
Sunday, August 28th Shop Rite Succasunna
Saturday, September 3rd Shop Rite Succasunna
Sunday, September 4th Shop Rite Succasunna
Saturday, September 10th Staples Succasunna
Sunday, September 11th Staples Succasunna
Saturday, September 17th Staples Succasunna
Sunday, September 18th Staples Succasunna
Sunday, September 25th Ramsey A scout sends an email to family and friends inviting them to support his cub scout pack by ordering online using the scout's order key.  The order key can be generated for any scout who request one.  Sample emails are also available.

Take Order: The scout takes orders for popcorn by having customers fill out a line on the order form with the required information.  The customers typically do not pay at the time of order; instead the scout collects money for the product when it is delivered at a later date. 

Show and Deliver: A scout takes popcorn with him to make a sale.  If sale is made, the person purchasing takes the popcorn and pays on the spot.  There is no need to make a return trip to collect money and deliver the popcorn.  This is the most efficient use of the parent's and Cubs Scout's time.  It leads to more sales and more prizes.


September 10th Take Order Sale Begins
October 21st TakeOrder Sale Ends
November 12 TakeOrder Pick-Up Day


Each scout has a sales goal of $268 in product, which produces $99 in profit for the pack. In unit terms this is equivalent to selling 14 of the $10 items and 8 of the $18 items. If your son sells the more expensive items, then obviously your son needs to sell fewer of them to achieve your goal.  Fill one order form (make 25 individual sales) and he�ll reach your goal and then some.


  • Sell up to $250 and get %20 of your sales credited to your scout account.

  • Sell $251 - $600 and get %25 of your sales credited to your scout account.

  • Sell > $600 and get %30 of your sales credited to your scout account.

  • Sell at least $150 more than last year or sell $500 or more and get a paid subscription to Boys Life Magazine. Or If you did not sell popcorn last year for Pack 163, sell at least $150 this year and get a paid subscription to Boys Life Magazine.

  • Get additional "Trails End" Sales award for your total dollar sales of popcorn from PPBSA Council.


There are lots of cool prizes you can earn (the prize flyer shows them all) based on your son's total sales.  Your son can select the prize for the sales threshold your son reach or combine prizes from lower levels to get to your total.

Keep going.  There are more prices to earn and your son can work towards paying his own way to summer camp.

There are more prizes:

  • The Den with the highest average sales gets a pizza party.

  • Come to the Popcorn Kickoff meeting 9/23/2011 7:30 pm. at Jefferson School gym and find out more.


Parents, while your scout should be the one doing most of the selling and delivery for the sale, your participation is critical to their success.  Your role includes:

  • Going with your scout while he does his take order sale in the neighborhood

  • Encouraging him to keep at it to make his goal

  • Getting your scout to any Show and Sell booths he signs up for on time, and staying with him if necessary.

  • Making sure the order form is properly completed and turned in on time

  • Help your scout deliver popcorn and track all customers delivery status

  • Help your scout count all money collected and check off boxes on the order form

  • If possible, help your scout with his sales effort by taking the order form to work

  • Making sure that the money is turned into the popcorn chair on time

  • Being your son's #1 supporter and fan.


If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Popcorn Kernel or your Den Leader for additional information.

David Goodman Popcorn Kernel

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